previous 197.4
current: 195.0
loss: -2.4 

I’m pretty happy with that :-)

I didn’t make it to the gym today…but I had an awesome food day…I didn’t eat anything except what I took to work which means I had good stuff and right portions. dinner was a yummy spinach chicken and strawberry salad.
I’m going to try to go to work early and go to the gym before my shift starts. I already get there early so if I leave maybe ten to fifteen minutes earlier I should have time for a decent workout and then excuses will be gone…I seem to come up with a lot of excuses not to go if I wait till lunch time.

it is so hard to get started and get a good routine going…I did ok at the beginning of the week last week and as each day went on it got a little more lax about my food…I didn’t work out as much as I wanted but I didn’t do terribly either. I should be able to do better this week. I have my snacks all packed and I am ready to exercise. but it’s also a 4 day work week and that’ll throw a wrench in the gym routine since I go to the gym on my lunch breaks

I started working out again yesterday…I went for a walk with Daniel strapped to me for about an hour both yesterday and today. and yesterday on my lunch break I went to the gym and did the elliptical…I expected to only be able to do it for maybe 10 min…but I did 20 and it wasn’t too hard…I was so excited about that!
I’m not sure what my weight will be tomorrow because my food hasn’t been super awesome but it hasn’t been terrible either. I’ll get there…lol…I have to be patient with myself


last week: 197.4
today (6/18): 197.8
total loss: +.4

I’m not worried about it. I’ve had some bad food days and high sodium days. I’ve weighed everyday and I’ve seen 200 lbs and I’ve seen 195 lbs. I start work today which means planned snacks and meals all day. I doubt I’ll make it to the gym this week but I’m going to try. next week I’m going to be trying to establish that routine. one thing at a time. I’m giving myself thus week to get used to being at work with Daniel there and seeing how he does.
but here’s my food for the week:
breakfast: coffee, hard boiled egg, frosted mini wheats
snacks/lunch at work: trail mix and dried mango, hard boiled egg, cinnamon raisin English muffin with peanut butter, fiber bar, baby bell cheese with grapes, and a green smoothie (banana, spinach, blueberries, raspberries, mango, almond milk, yogurt)

dinners are planned out for the week. and every night I have a chocolate yogurt after dinner.

think that’s enough food?? lol. I hope so! :-)


last week: 199.4
today (6/11): 197.2!
loss: -2.2 

I’m pretty pleased with that! I didn’t really do a whole lot to actively try to lose it…I went for a couple walks and tried to eat ok which only happened sometimes. breastfeeding must be working lol. only maybe 17 lbs till I fit into my jeans…give or take a few lbs.

small changes

I need to make a plan if I am going to be successful. I do well when I focus on making small changes and building on them. it is too hard to go all out all at once. so here’s my list of small changes that I still start with when I go back to work in a week.

1. no eating in the car. (this eliminates fast food and eating in secret, plus it will keep the car cleaner lol)

2. 25 grams of fiber per day

3. 1 sugary item per day or less (this is step one to cutting getting sugar under control)

4. bring my own food to work everyday.

5. 2 servings of veggies per day (I’ve had days where I realize I didn’t eat any veggies…so 2 servings is awesome for me)

choose from the following activities 5-6 days per week:

1. minimum 15-20 minute walk
2. 10-20 minutes on elliptical (build up the time)
3. 30-40 minutes on bike
4. 20 minutes free weights
5. yoga dvd
6. Jillian dvd


last week: 199.4
today (6/4/14): 199.4 lbs
loss: 0

so that is my official start weight. I’ve been cleared for physical activity and I go back to work in 2 weeks. I’ve still got my incision wound so they gave me an extra week to give a little more time for it to heal.

I started doing some small exercises for my abs and stretching. I’m also sitting in my stability ball for a little bit each day again. of course I bounce, rock and rotate on it so I burn a little bit of calories and stretch out a bit. I keep telling myself I am going to go for a walk but I haven’t yet lol. but I’m going to the zoo tomorrow or Friday so that’s lots of walking.

I need to make a workout plan to start following and ease my body back in. I want to use the elliptical when I go back to work because it always seems to help my upper back to stay loose. my upper back is killing me now so I could really benefit from it I think.

non scale victory…I went to old navy to look for some shorts and found a cute pair of shorts in size 14 which is my pre pregnancy size! granted old navy’s sizes run big but I don’t care…I was just happy to find shorts that fit

the swelling is nearly gone! I wore flip flops today! I can still feel some swelling in my ankles but it isn’t bad.
I weighed in this morning and I’m now 200.4 lbs. that’s a 36 lb loss from 2 weeks ago. I think that might be my official start weight for losing actual weight. I doubt there is a significant amount of fluid left to lose so I’m going to go with the 200 lbs to start.
on Monday I am going to see my ob for a check up on my recovery and I’m going to ask if there are any small abdominal exercises I can start doing to strengthen my core. up until now I haven’t been allowed to do anything but I think one ny wound is all healed up i can start doing a little exercise.
I am not going to worry too much about it until I’m back to work but I do want to do what I can now to get stronger and not go off the deep end with food…I have a hard time with that. I haven’t been eating super healthy in the past week so I do need to get that under control. once I got my freedom back and could drive I’ve been eating pastries from Starbucks and just not eating as well as I should be.
I have 2 weeks to 1 month until I go back to work. it all depends on what my doctor says about my recovery and how much longer he thinks I need. in whatever time I have I want to focus on building the strength I need to do my job well again. it is so physical that I know it will be hard at first with all of the lifting and being on the floor all day. right now it is hard to get up and down so I know I’m not ready right now. I know I don’t be fully ready when i do go back but I’ll be able to build my strength back up once I am back.
my guess is that I’ll lose weight just from going back to work. I’ve been so inactive that the change in activity level will probably help me jumpstart losing weight and then it’ll level out I’m sure.
my weight loss goals are:
-get back to 180 lbs (prepregnancy weight) by October 1.
-lose 10 more lbs (170) by December 31
-lose 10 more lbs (160) by april 30, 2014
ultimate goal weight: 160 lbs
that is 40 lbs within 11 months…totally doable.

so I am down to 205 lbs with some swelling still to go before I know my true weight. I don’t have much more swelling left but enough that it still bothers me a bit and I still can’t wear any shoes except my ballet flat crocs I’ve been wearing since January. my guess is it is less than 5 lbs with of fluid still to lose.
my weight before I had Daniel almost 4 weeks ago I weighed 230 lbs so I’ll take the 25 lb loss even if it was just fluids! I am curious if any if it is fat loss though. probably not but a girl can dream.
I can’t truly worry about losing the weight for another month or so anyway because I’ve still got a lot if healing to do and I just have to focus on that and getting used to everything. once I am back to work and more recovered I’m going to ease back into exercise beyond just walking and keep going with healthy eating. I haven’t been perfect in that area lately but I’ve been pretty great for just being at home and not on a real routine.
I thrive on routine when it comes to weight loss and healthy habits. I’m looking forward to having a routine again one I get back to work but I know it is going to be quite an adjustment at first.